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Five Love Languages Test

    love languages

  • (Love Language) Love Language was the ninth album by R&B/Soul crooner Teddy Pendergrass. It was his first record for Asylum Records after being a longtime artist on Philadelphia International Records. It did much better on the Billboard 200 than his last two records, peaking at #38.
  • (The Love Language) The Love Language is a five-piece indie rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina. “”The Love Language”” began as the recording project of Stuart McLamb. A band was later formed in order to play shows.
  • A meta-program and convincer strategy that determines what evidence convinces a person that someone else loves them. The 5 common patterns are Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, and Gifts. Read article.


  • A short written or spoken examination of a person’s proficiency or knowledge
  • trial: trying something to find out about it; “a sample for ten days free trial”; “a trial of progesterone failed to relieve the pain”
  • An event or situation that reveals the strength or quality of someone or something by putting them under strain
  • any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality etc; “the test was standardized on a large sample of students”
  • A procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something, esp. before it is taken into widespread use
  • put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to; “This approach has been tried with good results”; “Test this recipe”

five love languages test

five love languages test – The 5

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People
The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People
The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace applies the love language concept to the workplace. This book helps supervisors and managers effectively communicate appreciation and encouragement to their employees, resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction, healthier relationships between managers and employees, and decreased cases of burnout. Ideal for both the profit and non-profit sectors, the principles presented in this book have a proven history of success in businesses, schools, medical offices, churches, and industry. Each book contains an access code for the reader to take a comprehensive online MBA Inventory (Motivating By Appreciation) – a $20 value.
The inventory is designed to provide a clearer picture of an individual’s primary language of appreciation and motivation as experienced in a work-related setting. It identifies individuals’ preference in the languages of appreciation. Understanding an individual’s primary and secondary languages of appreciation can assist managers and supervisors in communicating effectively to their team members.

The Most Powerful Troll Update You Will Ever Read……

The Most Powerful Troll Update You Will Ever Read......
Hello Dear Friends and Family
You may have been wondering what has been going on with our very hostile and unkind neighbour as of late…well what a story this is for you all.

The last time the Mediators came to see us (and him) individually nearly two weeks ago I got very upset about his accusations and I do believe I soaked up his hate like a sponge . He had made more lies up, this time saying that I couldnt even drive (well you know thats not true) and even that in 1997…yes 1997..I allowed visitors to park on his lawn!!! DEFINATELY not true. Whilst they then went to see him with our questions such as "why does he hate us so much?" and DO excuse my language "Why does he call us his fucking bastard neighbours when after all we have the respect and love from everyone else where we live" and you know how pretty our home and garden is dears and other questions such as that, and that all we asked was for him to completely leave us alone, I sat in our garden and could hear him shouting and screaming at the top of his voice and I looked at our pretty garden and I wept. The tears fell from my eyes.

All our hard work…our plans…our designing of beauty and then I made a decision: He could have the drive, the footpath and keep his negative hate ready for the next neighbours who maybe would not keep the peace like Fluffy & myself: I decided to LEAVE our home.

The next few days as I became even more unwell with it all I looked at our home and garden…I mean think of the photos we have put on here for you: our Egyptian Temple of Isis…the garden Room…Our fitted wardrobes in the spare room…our Nubian Bathroom that cost thousands of pounds for Fluffy to do these things. We had spent our life savings to create a happy home to last us all our days.and I had decided to move?

I spoke long and hard with my friend Sandy in Wales and we decided that I had to do the greatest spiritual banishment I had ever done in my life. I was going to do this on the night of the Full moon which was Tuesday or even the Eve, Monday.

Last Sunday arrived. I could hear the troll on the other side of the fence…exactly the other side. He was picking up sticks, snapping them in two and then just chucking them down like someone possessed…completely bewildered. And there was I delicately dead heading a standard rose trying to think of Love and Beauty when suddenly a force came upon me…

Now this is the really powerful bit: I threw down my secaters and stood there facing the fence.the wind suddenly came from nowhere as it blew back my hair and clothing (it had been still seconds earlier, not even a breeze) and then I mentally did it:

I BANISHED HIM! I did…I BANISHED HIM and ALL his NEGATIVITY. I Banished his hate and all his vile thoughts and basically it was a case of "GO…BEGONE and be replaced here with peaceful and gentle people"

The wind died down and it was a case of Blessed Be, It is finished and my work was done. I then continued to tend the garden. It was like something out of a movie and I know it sounds all very dramatic, this was how it was. The following evening was the eve of the full moon.

The eve of the full moon. 6pm: Our other neighbour Stanley came to see us. He had received a telephone call from Mr Troll saying that when he saw us again that if he could tell us that he doesnt mind us parking where we do..(gulp) and that his dog had missed Fluffy?? (GULP!!)
7pm: I am on the telephone to Sandy telling her about my banishing the night before when the doorbell rang…Fluffy went to the door and opened it , I walked down the hall still holding the telephone as the TROLL FALLS IN.drunk…incoherant…with his dog on a lead and muttering "Oh he has missed you" relating to the dog. He was so drunk you couldnt tell much but suddenly he stretched out his hand to mine and took me by the hand!!! I took him by the hand too then he took fluffy by the hand…this was somehow his way of saying `sorry`. I backed up a few steps and he wanted to know where I had gone.

I went back into the garden room and suddenly broke down in tears..I was simply in shock and so was Sandy as she heard the whole thing.

Fluffy got mr Troll to leave, he may have fallen into the porch but certainly no further…

The next morning Stanley telephoned us again. He had more news. After Mr Troll had been to us he went two door up the road to another neighbour he had not spoken to ever since he and his wife moved in , oh it must have been ten years never spoken once. Mr Troll had only APOLOGIZED to him for EVERYTHING and for all the…wait for it..TROUBLE HE HAS CAUSED!!!!!!!!

My GOD!!!!

So you know whats happened dont you dears? When I banished him…I really DID banish all his nastiness and somewhere along the line he felt he had to say how sorry he was….

Even the mediators sent an e mail saying that he has called them to say he has apologized and , is this really true? For they proba

218 of 365/2- Ask anyone who knows me, I love to talk.

218 of 365/2- Ask anyone who knows me, I love to talk.
I will talk to anyone, anywhere, any time. When I went to Bristol Ren Faire the first time, I knew I’d found where I belong. Not only do you get to talk to anyone, anywhere, any time, they like it. You can talk to cast members, patrons, playtrons, children, adults, anyone. It really is the best place on earth for me.

Except for what I said in this photo. I was born deaf in one ear. It was discovered in Kindergarten, during one of those "raise your hand when you hear the beep" hearing tests in the nurse’s office. The diagnosis, if my Army medical records are to be believed is that I was born without the auditory nerve that connects the eardrum to the brain. I have no idea how they tested me for that, I was four, then five years old. All I can remember from those tests is being locked in a soundproof room, unable to see my mother, a strange man’s voice speaking to me over the giant headphones they made me wear and him playing various sounds- including thunderstorms and waves crashing. To a child who would still go to her parents’ bedroom in the middle of the night for a thunderstorm.

I did okay with it, growing up only hearing out of one ear. Sometime in elementary school- I remember it mostly in fourth and fifth grade- they assigned me a special ed teacher. Except I wasn’t special ed- which back then wasn’t what it is now. Back then, it was for kids who were developmentally disabled. She used to come to my class a couple times a week (I recall her name as Miss Thadys [thay-deez]) and I’d go out in the hall with her and we’d work on sign language and she’d assess my involvement in class. I was an excellent student back then. I was above the norm in everything but math and science (where I was normal). By the time I entered the sixth grade, I was assessed as reading at a college level.

So that whole deaf-ear thing wasn’t so much of an issue.

We tried a hearing aid in the ninth grade. It was new- a behind the ear type, with a mic on the deaf side and the receiver on the hearing side. It was the 80s, I had long, feathered hair (don’t judge, if you were a fourteen year old in high school, you did too- guys as well, you know it), so it wouldn’t show. I was so excited about it, I told everyone. (see the aforementioned "talk to anyone, any time").

I didn’t keep it long. Turns out that high school kids can be jerks and people had taken to coming up behind me and clapping their hands on the mic side, which was loud, painful and would sometimes make the whole unit shut off (a safety measure for loud noises, apparently). I stopped wearing it for a while, then started again, without telling anyone. That’s when I heard some people talking about me in the hallway. Just typical high school bullshit- it doesn’t bother me now, but you know, back then, it kind of did.

I wasn’t bullied, in fact, I was fairly well-liked. But ninth grade could have been more fun- if not for that hearing aid. There was a 90-day return policy, so it didn’t cost my parents the $550 that I seem to remember them telling me it cost.

I have a hearing aid now, but it doesn’t work anymore. It hasn’t worked in probably ten years. It was that hearing test that I discovered I’m losing the hearing in my good ear. The hearing aid I have now (I don’t even know where it is at the moment, seriously) is a something-or-other bi-cross. There’s a mic on one side, receiver on the other, but that’s also an amplifier for the loss in the left ear. It stopped working about two years after I got it. For a while, the amplifier part worked as long as I didn’t have the mic attached to it (it had a wire that ran under my hair to the other side). But then, that quit working.

I dealt with it- the kids talk louder to me or repeat things. I used to tell everyone that spoke to me that I couldn’t hear well. But I stopped. It didn’t seem to matter because I became unwell and didn’t do all that much out of the house.

Well, now I’m better. I’m going out more and doing more things. And this summer at Bristol Ren Faire was one of the best summers I’ve had in my adult life. It ranks right up there- equal to it, in fact- with the year I went to Australia for three weeks (2005).

Today, I was looking through my ren faire photos on Facebook, so I could tag "The Fight Cast" in the few photos I had of them (that would be the group called "By the Sword" for you Bristol folks- the Robin Hood scenarios). And I found the photos a friend took of me with two of the knights. They were acting silly and goofy and one of them (Sir Maxx, actually) was on my deaf side. I couldn’t hear anything he said or did while he played it up for the camera. I wouldn’t have even thought of it today, except I said that in the caption on the photo. "I wish I knew was he was saying that was so funny" because the other knight and everyone standing by the photographer were all laughing.

I know they didn’t know I can’t hear. My kids know, of course, and

five love languages test

Five Love Languages, Small Group Study Edition
Through fun-filled presentations before a live audience, Gary Chapman helps you identify your personal love language. He also helps you understand the love language of your spouse. Then he provides practical suggestions for enriching your marriage by practicing the other love languages.
This revised version provides multiple use options:

A short, two-session setting (like the original design) or
As a 5 7 session study (with an introductory session, 5 sessions explaining one love language each, and a final session about the in love experience.) Expanded Member Book includes content that supports each of the video sessions, the love language profile, and leader helps.